Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I Want my MSNBC!!

Phew! If the Olympics preempted msnbc programming again and I had to miss Hardball one more night, I'm not sure how I could have gotten through my first day of readjustment to life as normal.

I like the Olympics and all, and know enough not to watch medal ceremonies because they make me weep, but at this point I think I've had enough. This year it feels like yet-another-Xtreme-sport. Sometimes I feel like I'm just watching someone take crazy risks.

And if I see one more filler story on why the Canadians say ey,  although I've seen it spelled eh, I might scream. We get it. Media sent people there and dammit they aren't going to let them sit around the fire apr├Ęs ski, or in between reporting on events. Make 'em work! Send them off to talk to Canadians. Fill air time with inanity.

Speaking of inanity, I would rather be entertained by clips of Shawn Hannity and Sarah Palin while learning about what's really going on in the world, and here at home. I know that the Olympics are a great diversion, and trust me, I know we need them at times like this but really: curling?


Tam said...

I am addicted to the Olympics, but I don't get curling AT ALL.

Amy said...

I agree. I'm not sure what's so athletic about sweeping shavings off of ice or riding in a sled.

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