Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Day of Rest

I woke up at 8 this morning, with no alarm clock and without a racing mind. No What am I doing today? Am I all set for school this week? Nope. I woke up well rested and relaxed. And I didn't need to decide on an end point to my relaxation mode. I could enjoy the entire day. And night. Today is a Sunday I could really, really rest.

I had already gotten my laundry and errands done on Saturday. My Valentine's Day celebration will happen later this week in Boston. This morning when I woke up I had no obligations but to enjoy the best day of vacation. Just as Friday night is often the best part of my weekend, Sunday night can be the best day of vacation. The weight of a week's worth of obligations and responsibilities is lifted. I call the shots. I feel sane and safe from the stresses of work. The twelve miles that separates me from my job may as well be one thousand. And a time warp.

Every thought I had today about getting out to do something was followed by thoughts of when else I could do it. Well, I could do that tomorrow; my coupon expires Tuesday. And I guess I could do that Tuesday. Or maybe Wednesday. In the end, other than my trip to the gym and pit stop at Big Y on the way home this morning, I have been content to be at home. It's okay that I "wasted a day" --although I don't consider it a waste, but a joy--because I have a whole week ahead of me.

My alarm clock is off, my coffee timer is off and--other than a few things that are weighing pretty heavily on my mind-- I am happy.

Happy is a good place to be.

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Amy said...

We [heart] vacation ;-)

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