Thursday, February 18, 2010


Remember a few days ago, at the beginining of the week things when things were looking good, vacation was in front of me and time felt endless...? I thought I'd have all the time in the world to do whatever I wanted, and my schedule would be as flexible as those Olympic figure skaters who can pull their legs over the backs of their heads (while spinning, no less). Yeah, well, not so much. It didn't really work out that way. Yesterday afternoon, when I was sitting waiting for my FedEx delivery, despite my attempt to get an ETA that morning, tense and on edge, I thought, It's Wednesday; vacation is half over and I'm not relaxed! I know, I am fortunate to have a job, lucky to have a week off in February, but vacation was not playing out the way February vacations in the past have.

At 3:30 my phone arrived, I met Amy out for a drink while it charged, and eventually--after my mini-meltdown trying to get my contact list transferred from one phone to the other, at which point I called technical support and thoroughly entertained the poor guy who got my call--decided it would all be okay. I could (should) go to bed knowing all my obligations and commitments were done and I would wake up and get ready to go to Boston and get out of my space and my own way and get to that relaxing.

Time to pack...


Tam said...

LOL...deep breath...glad the waiting is over!

Amy said...

Now you can text like a teenager!

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