Thursday, February 11, 2010


As much as possible, I like to focus on the positive here. My love list grows: good sheets and flowers, bacon and soup, coffee and vodka (sometimes in the same frothy beverage), Lord & Taylor and Trader Joe’s. I love summer vacation and snow days, and a good bargain. Using coupons gives me a thrill, and I love that I can get them on line these days.

But I hate commercials.

They make me reach for the clicker, or leave the room. They are illogical. Nonsensical. Preposterous. Shoving handfuls of sample cheese cubes in your mouth while your baby shrieks in the carriage is not saving. It's making a pig of yourself, hoarding. Washing your hair in the aisle with spring water is stupid, and it's stealing. It's not saving. Shaving your legs in the produce aisle is just gross.

None of the ads depict saving.

I get that sometimes commercials are just meant to be funny, and not based in reality—like the talking e-trade babies. The Geico gecko. The monkeys on ads. But when the grocery store scene is over, and the Muzak stops (by the way, I have NEVER heard that kind of Muzak piped in to the three grocery stores at which I regularly shop--with coupons) the tag line is “there’s a better way to save.”

Likely there's a better ad agency out there, And better things for me to be doing than complaining about your annoying commercials.

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