Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Excitement Postponed

I woke up this morning all excited...not because I'd get to write my 200th post (although it is a milestone), not because it was going to be a snowy day (in fact it's what I, and some other teachers, would call a waste of a snow day since we are on vacation), or because I'd get to wear my new boots today, but because my new cell phone would arrive today Fed Ex.

I still don't need my cell phone to fold my laundry or truss a chicken, but the time has certainly come to upgrade under my “new every two” plan. I remind you that I've been using my penultimate phone (it has an antenna) subsequent to last summer’s pool incident and because, well… I’ve become a texter. Hi, my name is Joanne, and I send a lot of text messages. [group replies] Hi, Joanne. Sometimes texting is just faster and easier than a phone call. It could be even faster if I didn’t have to hit a button three times for a single letter to come up on my screen. A full QWERTY keyboard is certainly in order.

On Saturday I went on line and looked at what was available to me—with my eye on those phones that would be free with my upgrade and credit and yada yada. I narrowed my selection to two phones: a Blackberry Curve in smoky violet, and a Samsung Intensity in red, knowing I’d probably go with the latter, since I can’t really justify paying an addition $25 a month for my plan on a Blackberry and don’t need to get emails on my phone. I’m not in sales or on the road a lot; I really just need to talk and text on my phone. Still, the purple is pretty.

Of course when I got to the phone store I find out that both of the phones would be free AFTER my mail-in rebate, and after the initial hard sell of the Blackberry (“I went with a Blackberry and I’ve never looked back”) and an upgraded plan, the sales rep finally caught on that I didn’t want to part with a single cent. Not only did he concur that the Samsung would suit my needs, but he also told me that if I went home and back on line I could get the phone truly free, because the rebates are available instantly on line, and have it in just a couple of days, because they ship using Fed Ex two day. So I did just that. It all worked out perfectly! What are the chances of that?

I woke up thinking Yay, today is the big day! My order was processed on the 13th, and shipped on the 14th, and today is the 16th, right?... Well, on Verizon’s end my order was shipped on the 14th. On Fed Ex’s end it was shipped on the 15th…and so when I got on line and checked with Fed Ex tracking I found out it’s not due until tomorrow by 7pm.

But I have a pedicure appointment tomorrow at 11! And I’m supposed to go out for a late lunch! And if I miss it tomorrow I won’t be home Thursday to get it because I'm going to Boston. So I have to try to do everything today that I wanted to do tomorrow but It’s snowing!

Ugh! Technology!!


Tam said...

Ugh techonology and UGH customer service!!!

Amy said...

Happy 200th post!

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