Monday, July 13, 2009


So the other day I carried on about the Instant Gratification Generation, teens with cell phones and computers and instant access to everything and anyone, while I had to write letters when I was in college. Well, wouldn’t you know…

On Saturday I was by the pool (of course I was, the sun was shining) and decided to tan my back a little. Putting a towel on the concrete and getting in a prone position is not an option, so I usually stand in the pool, waist high in water, while resting my book on a towel on the edge of the pool. I stand there and read and let the sun kiss my back. Sometimes I bring my cell phone with me. Yes, I admit, even I have stood in the pool and talked on the phone.

Well, John Lennon sang in my ear again, when instant karma came and got me as I picked up my towel, forgetting that my technology treasure trove was tucked inside and it decided to go for a swim. SH*T!!!! My reflexes were good; I went under water for it as quickly as I would for a drowning infant, and caught it before it hit bottom. Did I save it?

I took the battery out and let it dry in the sun, while gathering tips from fellow pool goers. Put it on the fridge. Put it in the oven overnight on low. Put it in a bowl of dry rice. It’ll come back in a few hours. It’ll take a day. I listened. I went on line and Googled the topic (oops, technology dependence again!). I was not extremely optimistic. I thought [insert favorite expletive!,] how I am going to live without it? What do I do?!

Alas, my reflexes were no match for chlorine and water. All the advice was for naught.

For forty-eight hours I prayed for my phone to dry out and work again. In that time I visited the Verizon store twice, where on my first trip found out I am not eligible for an upgrade until December 10. (That would be too easy!) After my second visit to the Verizon store today, I left with a new battery for my old phone.

It’s not my favorite phone. But it works. At least I can text and talk. I feel whole again. [shhh]

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