Sunday, July 5, 2009

My Own Resort

thoughts I wrote by the pool today (in my journal...that matches my pool accoutrement), transcribed at 5:30 pm, when I finally knew enough to come in lest I end up looking like my favorite handbag by summer's end...

On days like today I feel like I live at a resort. My pool is nothing fancy, mind you; it doesn't even have chairs and tables with umbrellas. Rather, it's a bare bones, bring-your-own-chair variety of pool deck. It's just that on a day like today, which just screams VACATION, I don't want to be anywhere else but outside. As a result, I end up spending an inordinate amount of time here--outside--as one normally would if on a high-priced resort vacation. Does that make sense? Like, who in their right mind would go inside after an hour or two on a day like today in the islands? No one, or no one who shouldn't be admonished. So, that's how I approach these rare days. Act like it's your last day away, or like it could rain for the rest of the week.

I reapplied sunscreen after 2 hours, and went in after 4 to refresh my beverage, grab some ice and another iced water, and ate leftovers quickly while standing at the stove. (Which generally is so not like me.) But now I am back outside. I've almost had enough sun, so in a few minutes I'll probably don my sheer white (reflective of rays/matches with everything) cover-up and turn my chair so that my back is toward the sun, but I will stay a while longer by the pool, reading my new book, sipping my spritzer, enjoying what I consider a banner/top 10 (Thank you, God!)/San Diego kind of day. And I'd do it again tomorrow. In fact I will. Weather permitting and God willing I will take advantage of every ray of sunshine this summer.

Now I just need a name for my resort of a sort...

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