Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Newest Beef

Okay, maybe it’s not new a new beef, but another entry on my list of The Abomination of the English Language. The slow and insidious dumbing-down just got an energy boost.

First there were the chocoholic and the shopaholic, who for some unknown reason (or at least nonsensical reason) decided to borrow a part of the word alcohol. The –ic suffix wasn’t enough, apparently, so they grabbed part of the root word. I guess it was easier than being a chocolate addict or a compulsive shopper to be a blankholic. Even though it makes no sense. But is found in the dictionary.

Now, with a slow economy, fewer people are taking vacation apparently, which—while defined as a fixed holiday period or break from work—clearly comes from the word vacate. No, I guess people are staycating and daycating because staycations and daycations are all the rage. While we’re at it, we may as well start arranging playcations for our kids next.


But I suppose if no one is feeling badly for people like I, this too shall pass.

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