Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Retail Therapy

This time of year is particularly stressful at school. The end is in sight (10 days and counting), yet it doesn’t seem possible to get done everything I need to between now and then. Somehow I have to do about two months’ worth of work in two weeks. Or so it seems. So when my department meeting ended yesterday much earlier than it typically does, I decided it was time for a little retail therapy.

I don’t love to shop as much as some people might suspect. (I also can’t afford to shop as often as I’d like.) Although on-line shopping has a two-fer quality, a double shot of shopping pleasure—the initial purchase followed by the delivery of the item— sometimes it’s not the cookbook I crave, or the personalized note cards that pick me up. Every once in a while what I need is to go through every piece of clothing on the clearance racks at Lord & Taylor to make me right. I’m a woman on a mission. I won’t throw elbows at my fellow full-figured fashionistas, but I will make multiple trips to the dressing room if that’s what it takes in my quest for the fashion trifecta: fit, function, and price.

My summer wardrobe is my weakest collection, given that I don’t work in the summer and spend most of my time by the pool (while stylish, my pool coordinates don’t count as professional or dress clothes). But this summer I have a few special occasions and dinners out—Deanna (who inspired me, by the way, to learn the difference between wool crepe and wool gabardine and to whom I therefore owe my sense of style in large part) visits at the end of the month, I visit Tam in Seattle at the end of July—for which I felt justified in buying something new. Of course neither of the malls closest to me have L&T as an anchor store, or a Talbots, so I made the pilgrimage yesterday to the Westfarms Mall.


Huge sale. Helpful sales associate. I got a pair of nice Jones New York cropped pants—slightly wider leg and a bit of a sheen that gives them a dressier look—and a very sharp, black and white cardigan (versatile) as an outfit, (and which will be great with my patent leather peep toe slingbacks), a linen tunic to go with a pair of still unworn pants at home, and a sweater for next winter (how could I not?—it was 20 dollars! Merino wool!) all for less than the original retail price of the pants and cardigan.

Just what the doctor ordered.

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