Monday, February 8, 2010

February Vacation

Anyone who thinks February vacation for public schools is unnecessary needs to shut up. Seriously. I can’t even be gentle about it. I am so tired I can’t stand it. I make it to the gym after school and then feel so fatigued and sore that I have to swallow some ibuprofen to get through the evening as I clock watch until it seems reasonable to head to bed. I resist the urge at 7, and 7:30, make it through till 8:30 then, but by 9 I’m grinding coffee and setting up my coffee maker and turning on the timer and heading upstairs. In the morning I drive to school in the dark, and do it all over again.

I love February vacation because it is relaxing. There are no holiday obligations eating up some of the time and I don’t travel anywhere (as I might in April). Other than spend a couple of days in Boston I will mainly be home, relaxing. Staying cozy and warm. Resting. I can hardly wait. I need February vacation. I need it now.

So I can’t help be a little excited about the weather forecast. I’m trying not to read too much into a memo that came out about a potential snow day and what will happen to our schedule should we not have school on Wednesday. I’m trying not to take it as a sign that I’m not the only one who watched multiple local news meteorologists this morning and therefore not the only one who is hopeful. I have no business asking for a snow day—as I promised I’d stop praying for one and put all my energy into praying for more important things, like Donna’s recovery. (By the way, Thank you, God, for getting her into a clinical trial!)

So I won’t pray for a snow day per se, but I did touch my lucky snowman. And will be so thankful to have one, if we do... because February vacation can’t some soon enough.

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