Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Storm Provisions

I laugh at the amount of people at the grocery stores today, stocking up on provisions for the storm that supposed to hit us (hard) tomorrow. As if we’ll be snow bound for days. I know we haven’t gotten hit hard yet this winter, but it is New England, people. We can do snow. Baltimore? DC? Not so much. In these parts the roads will be plowed and passable within hours (tops)—back roads and side streets included.

Thank goodness I’ve been watching the news for days and had faith in this one materializing and don’t need to go out in the madness tonight to wait in lines with people buying milk and spring water or at the Red Box kiosk. I’ve got what I need and water and milk aren’t on the list. Shocking, I know. After all I’m a tried and true New Englander, so I’m not in emergency mode. Rather, I’m in snow day mode, readily supplied with everything and anything I need for a delightful snow day.

Snow Day/to do/have

Coffee √(duh)
Cinnamon rolls? Eggs and bacon? √,√
Vodka √ (ditto on duh)
(OJ? Tomato juice, etc.?) √,√
Bugles √
Fritos √
Detergent and softener √
Stuff for: Fish tacos? BLT? Tuna melt and tomato soup? √√√
Netflix √
Chocolate √
Mags √ (ditto: catalogs)
Vodka √

What?! It never hurts to double check…


Tam said...

LOL!! Enjoy your day(s)!

Amy said...

Wow. This list looks a lot like mine! Sometimes it's nice being a teacher.

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