Monday, May 10, 2010

Matter over Mind

I tried. I wanted so much to make it through to the end of Celebrity Apprentice (don’t judge me) to see who got eliminated. But in that commercial break, the last one before the final 2 minute segment, I fell asleep. Eleven o'clock is way past my bedtime on a school night, but it was do-able, I thought, after a weekend's rest. And I actually made it through until 5 minutes before 11, but then, despite my best efforts, I conked out. Just like that [cue the finger snap]. I'm just gonna rest my eyes during the commercial was the actually the beginning of 6 and half hours of restorative sleep.

Falling asleep half way through SNL the night before I could actually understand; I haven't seen 1 a.m. in a while, certainly not regularly for the sake of watching TV. I mean that's the next day on the calendar. But I tried. And at least I saw some of the much anticipated SNL hosted by Betty White. The monologue, the NPR skit, McGruber? All hysterical. But not funny enough to beat my Circadian rhythm.

So two nights in a row, I was defeated. Mind over matter no longer matters, I guess. Even where there's a will, there's an almost-45-year-old body trying to see it through. And some nights it just needs to sleep, and the need for sleep wins over the desire to keep up with pop culture. Oh well.

Add that to the growing list of things going on that make me more and more aware that I am in the middle of life, trying my best not to have a crisis.


Amy said...

Now, if only you had a DVR like the rest of us...

jck said...


Tam said...

I don't have a DVR either, J. Don't feel bad.

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