Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ten Signs...

(in no particular order) that the school year should be over.

1. You realize, as you're walking out the door, that your sweater is on inside out. (me)

2. During your 1st period class a kid tells you your bottom layer shirt is on inside-out because you actually didn't notice at home (Amy). (And you can't actually change it until you have a free moment--four hours later! That detail would be perfect in a ten things that really suck about teaching post...)

3.  "A" students become "B" students.

4. And don't care.

5. At least once a day a student asks, "can we have class outside today?" [Sure, let me see if I can channel Samantha on Bewitched: wiggle my nose and have my white board appear in the soccer field.]

6. You're so sick of taking time to make a healthy lunch at home to take to school, which you have to scarf in 20 minutes the next day, that items on the school lunch menu like "chicken fryz" become appealing.

7.  Hair clips become a daily accessory necessity.

8. You are aware of, and counting, how many days are left. (25)

9. You wonder how many of those you could get away with calling in sick. (Yet undetermined.)

10. You remember fondly that there was a June with a heatwave and early releases were called...Too hot for school...tee hee

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Amy said...

Love this post. 25 and counting.

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