Sunday, May 23, 2010

Gearing Up

This time next week, if the weather is even remotely similar to this weekend’s weather, I will be marking my territory at the pool—although, of course, there will be no urine involved. (I’m turning 45 on Friday—not 95.) Perhaps then I will be staking my claim with my beach chair and matching bag and towel on the far side of the pool away from the bathrooms and water bubbler and, therefore, the path of children, who don’t really get the concept of quiet reading time.

I have not yet chosen what my first book with be, but I will start a new book from the pile that has been growing during the school year and will begin keeping my Summer 2010 list. It will be the first of many days I spend relaxed, melting away a long winter, dissipating a school year’s worth of tension while elevating my Vitamin D levels (which, by the way, are still low after two months on supplements). And, I’m not going to lie, I will be getting in touch with my inner sunbather, too, as Liz says. Getting my Zen on.

Initially I will be getting in touch with my inner sunbather in small doses—on weekends and after school when I can, but once I have corrected my last final exam on June 17 and handed in my grades, I intend to be by the pool as much as possible.

25 calendar days.

17 school days.

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Tam said...

Counting with you!

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