Friday, May 28, 2010

[Heart] Peonies

Every year around this time, when the peonies bloom in my friend Fran's yard, she brings them in to school to share with me. For a week my room is fragrant with peonies--in burgundy, pink and white. Unfortunately, I left two Erlenmeyer flasks full of them (who needs a vase if you're a Biology teacher?) at school when I left yesterday for the long weekend. I was disappointed that for four days they would sit un-enjoyed. And equally as disappointed that I didn't have them at home to enjoy.

But my mother's sixth sense must have kicked in, because when I visited today these stunnning flowers were waiting for me. She went over to a friend's house this morning and cut them for me to have for my birthday. Simply gorgeous.

Thanks, Fran. Thanks, Mom. I love peonies.


Amy said...

Beautiful peonies! Ours bloomed for the first time this spring - only one flower, but it's something!

Tam said...

Mmmm...I love peonies too. Mine are just starting to bud - yay!

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