Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Perfect Storm

It's official. I have spring fever. I've made the transition from wanting to hibernate all weekend--content to leave the house only to go to the gym and grocery store, then hunker down with cookbooks and magazines and not leave again until the next morning to go the gym, and do it all over again--to wanting to be outside, in the company of others, enjoying the sunshine, suffering through the pollen. I go from being comfortably reclusive to being Suzie Social. A deck, a porch, a patio, all work for me. Outdoor cafe? Twist my arm. I start counting the days until school is out (27), and the number of weekends until my pool opens (3).

But this morning, unlike every other day this week when the sun was up at 5:15, it was still dark at 7:30 when I opened my eyes. Because it was stormy.

And in my world, thunder, wind, rain, dark skies, soft sheets and a comfy bed on a Saturday morning make a perfect storm, which gives me permission to linger there a while longer.

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