Monday, May 31, 2010

Summer Mode

Days don’t get much better than yesterday. I was up by seven, doing laundry to start, but by noon I was ready to relax. Donna and Lindsay came to join me by the pool, where we lounged for a few hours before heading in for dinner. Donna brought ginger dressing for salad and some dumplings; I made halibut and spinach. For dessert we had a mini birthday cake they brought for me and some baklava I had in the freezer. They left around 7. After a long and refreshing shower I slept in my freshly made bed with clean, soft sheets.

It’s been a great weekend overall. I saw friends I hadn’t seen in a while, had dinner with my sister and niece and nephew the other night, got to do a little birthday shopping, and have had time to both be productive and to relax. And the weekend isn’t over. Today is Day Four of the extra long weekend, and it’s another spectacular day—sunny, high in the eighties again. I won’t have company today, but after another cup of coffee I will head to the gym before packing up to sit poolside again.

There are only 13 days of school left (9 days of classes and 4 of final exams) but with the wonderful weather and the extra time off, I am already in summer mode. My question is this: how—when it is summer in my head and my routine—will I ever finish the school year?…

With the grace of God, I suppose, who delivered on this fantastic weekend. And surely without your pity.

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Tam said...

Great writing, J. I am beside the pool with you, if only in spirit!

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