Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I see it all the time as a high school teacher: students not taking responsibility for themselves, parents enabling students, blaming others. Johnny is not failing because he’s not doing his homework or studying for tests and quizzes. No. Johnny is failing because I didn’t tell his parents three separate times, subsequent to the midterm report when his average was a 60, that he’s failing. And therefore it’s not fair that he’s failing. I’m not even kidding. It makes no sense to rational, responsible people. Like me. And you, I hope. And it’s not just in the classroom.

I find it unfortunate that purveyors of hot coffee products need to have printed on their to-go cups Caution: Contents Very Hot. Even Chinet has that printed on their “Comfort Cup” lids—and they don’t sell coffee. They sell cups in the grocery store that people can put their own hot coffee in. I remember well the landmark lawsuit in which a woman sued McDonalds when she burned herself on coffee, as I too had burned myself on coffee once. The only difference is--when I spilled the coffee on my upper thighs because I was holding the cup between my legs to add cream and sugar as Donna pulled away, in a small car with a stick shift, to get us to Newport--I didn’t sue. The blisters hurt, as did the open skin when I swam in the ocean that vacation. But it was my fault. I lived with it.

Apparently now people are obese because they are not being told how many calories are in the food they purchase in restaurants. It’s not a person’s fault if s/he is overweight, maybe with blood pressure running a little high from eating a Beefy 5-Layer Burrito a few times a week for lunch. It’s the restaurant’s fault for not letting a person know up front that it is high and calories, full of fat and sodium. If they posted that nutrition information, that person would surely get the soft chicken taco instead. Really? And a person whose favorite sandwich is a Big Mac will opt for four-piece McNuggets if they knew exactly what the calorie difference is?

I'm sorry. I don’t buy it. Maybe they’d make healthier choices on occasion, but the information is not top secret. Nutrition information is readily available on line and I’m sure from the management of said establishments. Why do we need it posted on the menu board? What’s next? A warning label on the burger wrappers: Caution: eating this burger can make you fat. Or Warning: the beans in this chili may cause flatulence. Has there been a lawsuit yet for not warning that beans cause gas? Well, I farted in my interview and didn’t get the job. I wouldn’t have had the chili beforehand if I knew beans make you fart. I’ve been unemployed and embarrassed ever since.

Now there’s an idea…

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Tam said...

Oh my God, J...LMAO!!!! At first, I was just going to write AMEN in all caps, bold and in italics, bu that last line there killed me!!

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