Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Note to Self

I was jonesing for a steak tonight. Or a burger. My Gemini twins had a little debate.

Steak. Juicy Burger. Should I?
You shouldn't.
I'd love to.
You can't. It's neither in your calorie nor cash budget. It's Tuesday. What gives, Joanne?
Bock bock bock...bockbockbockbock BOCK... BOCK!
Oh yeah, chicken.
Chicken, chicken and chicken. Rotisserie chicken palooza. Seriously, how much chicken can a red meat and pork lover be expected to eat before heading Outback?
Oh, stop. You have yummy tarragon chicken salad...and that nice wheat roll that will perk right up after a minute in the toaster...
Um, why do are you talking like Tamara's mother?
Don't be silly....and you have...arugula! That peppery goodness would probably go really well with the sweet anise taste of the tarragon. Crunchy roll, creamy chicken salad. Why go out?

The good twin won. I made myself the sandwich. The arugula was a nice addition indeed and I enjoyed every bite.  As I did the tortilla soup, which I am proud to say was rated "restaurant worthy" by Amy, and delicious by Sheron. The chicken quesadilla, though not earth shattering, was tasty too. I'll take a day off tomorrow and will have the curried chicken salad on Thursday. I'll share some of that too. And I'll be done with it. I think.

Well, next time, maybe you should freeze a little more so you don't have to eat it all week.
Next time maybe I'll freeze most of it.
Have it your way.
If I had it my way I'd have eaten steak.


Amy said...

I would have gone for the steak. Good for you, though! Nice will power!

Tam said...

Ok, eating the chicken does not make you the "GOOD twin" (vs the bad one), A), and 2) wtf ? with eating something you didn't really want? I got issues with this! And you thought I'd be worried about the reference to my mom! Dude, any thought that begins with, "Oh, stop!" couldn't be anyone BUT my mother. :)

JK said...

Tam, no worries here. It was meant to be funny...and the debate was more about going out in the middle of the week and spending money I didn't have to spend when I had a perfectly good choices at home.
I, my dear, have made peace with food. Remember?...

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