Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Oscars

One of these days I will host a cocktail party for the Oscars. I'll serve champagne and fancy food and unlike at Super Bowl parties, talking will not be discouraged. I won't scowl when people talk, especially during commercials. The only time silence will be required is when the winners are announced and during the first 15 seconds of each acceptance speech, during which time it becomes abundantly clear if a person is going to be a blithering idiot or show remarkable poise and give a heartfelt speech worth listening to.

That year I will be sure to catch all the nominated best movies in the theatre prior to watching instead of putting them in my Netflix queue the next day, if I hadn’t already put them there after the Golden Globes. Even if it means having to get on ADD medicine to do so. That is, as long as there aren’t 10 films nominated that year.

We won’t be able watch the Barbara Walters special first, of course, since she just did her last Oscar show, but honestly I’d probably be too busy in the kitchen at that point anyway. My goal would be to get a good portion of the food out in time enough to give the red carpet show my undivided attention. The tricky part will be how to text Deanna during the show, without being rude, while I have a house full of people. Of course the party would be extra fabulous if she could be here to be a part of it. It was the Golden Globes after all that solidified our friendship; Deanna and I and awards shows ago way back. But that’s another post.

I may even try to stay up for the entire show that year. I suppose if my guests stay until the bitter end I will not have a choice. If I didn’t have to wake up for school the next day, I wouldn’t care, but I would do it regardless, and suffer the consequences later.

Some people have their life’s work immortalized on film and aspire to win an Oscar. I dream of a day I don't have to wake up for work at 5:30 so that I can have a killer cocktail party on a Sunday night.

And the winner is...

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Tam said...

Hilarious! Talking Allowed, great rule. So here's what you do: You Skype in Deanna (and me, right?) And I think it should be a dress up party too. Wait, maybe we should just fly out there for it?

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