Thursday, March 25, 2010


It’s hard to have a bad day when first thing in the morning, in my first period class, a student said to me, “Ms. K, you look so cute today.”

“Thanks!” I said, trying not to give away exactly how thrilled I was to receive a compliment. From a 15 year old girl. In my head, the thank you was followed by yay, I pulled it off, and then tell me what exactly so maybe I can do it again. Because…really?!?

My roots could support a giant oak, and I have never been quite sure about my denim jacket. Overall I questioned my entire outfit that morning, thought maybe it was a bit too Friday-ish, despite the black cuffed pants, the white v-neck, and the fact that the jacket is fitted/tailored/non-Levi. Actually, I think that’s why I’m not in love with the jacket. Does it look tailored or just too small, you know? Is my jacket the equivalent of the Incredible Hulk’s capris in the opening sequence? But boxy would be way to cazh, in my opinion. Anyway, the pants and my jewelry are pretty standard, but I haven’t worn a hair clip since September (I know, it’s not hair clip season yet, but between the roots and being overdue for a haircut, which I get taken care of tomorrow, my options were limited) and the jean jacket, though not new, is a spring item. What exactly was cute about me today? I couldn’t ask. I took the compliment and ran with it.

Just moments later, when I tried to boot up my computer—unsuccessfully—multiple times (ditto on the unsuccessfully), only to find out that my hard drive was fried, I didn’t melt down. I looked cute today, after all.

Several class periods later, when I still had no computer to use in my classroom and had to change lesson plans accordingly, I was still in a good mood. I looked cute, of course.

After losing another hour of my life, which I will never get back, to another useless faculty meeting in the band room, I didn’t seethe. I made eye contact with some friends and smiled. I looked cute.

And now I’m home. I didn’t run upstairs and put on my pajamas. Instead I am wondering if maybe I should go some place, maybe shopping, maybe out for a drink. There's still time to look cute, right?

Wow. The power of a compliment.

Pass it on.

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