Friday, March 19, 2010


I am not an infomercial person. I don't “set it and forget it!” nor have I contributed in any way to Ron Popeil’s fortune. I frankly still can’t understand why anyone would buy an appliance to whip an egg in its shell. I have no desire to make my own jerky or boil pasta in the microwave, but I do admit that I once owned a George Forman grill.

I loved it, and I used it fairly often. I think. At some point I draw a blank about my GFG. I don’t know why I stopped using it, or why—when I did—I threw it away. Or did I put it out on the street in one of several boxes I labeled FREE Please Take when I moved? I really have no idea. I hadn’t thought about it in years…until I saw my mother using hers the other day.

My GFG was good for fast and easy food, portioned for one. Since my GFG days I’ve been cooking more and experimenting in the kitchen, and taking more time to prepare meals. As you know, I don’t mind spending hours in the kitchen. Cooking is creating; creating is therapy. But when I saw my mother use hers it occurred to me that having the option to cook quick and easy for just myself once in a while is not a bad idea. Not everything I make has to be restaurant worthy, right? And I know I can just as easily throw a burger in a sauté pan as I can a GFG, but I do remember it being faster. And I remember liking the grill marks. I am all about the grill marks. Too bad I don’t have a grill.

This afternoon, I will have a new George Forman grill. I ordered one a couple of weeks ago (for a whopping $17!) and it’s in. Will it get a [heart] note, or another sharpie-scrawled FREE Please Take? Stay tuned. I'll be sure to let you know.

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Tam said...

Had one and hated it - it went in the FREE pile. Which does not mean in any way that I replaced it with higher-level cooking techniques :)

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