Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fiesta for One!

There are days meant for doing projects, rainy days for reading, snow storms for cooking soup. This has been a week full of days that say come out and play!, meant more for having fun than for discipline. It has been bright and sunny and warm, and if I were a runner I'd probably find them perfect for a jog, but I'm not. If I had kids I'd have taken them to the playground, but I don't. It's not quite barbeque season yet, so lawn furniture is still in storage and invites were not in the offing. Outdoor prospects were limited, but the gym was not beckoning. Nor were any indoor projects at home. At all. 

A stretch of sunny days with daily highs near 70 is rare in Connecticut, especially in March. In fact, it feels so good that I could almost think I had died and gone to San Diego....That's it! Today was meant for a margarita!...or two...and half-priced chicken and cheese quesadillas.

How's that for resourceful?


Amy said...

Welcome Spring! What a great looking meal!

Tam said...

Love it! I sat out on the deck and had coffee the other day, wrapped in a blanket. After all, it was 65 degrees!!

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