Friday, March 12, 2010

[Heart] Crate and Barrel...

and vases, and Deanna for making me feel okay about it...

When I was in Boston during February vacation I went to Crate and Barrel. Okay, do I even need to tell you that anymore? (Note to Readers: time in Boston means a trip to C&B. Just as I can’t go an entire weekend without going to CVS, I can’t go to Boston without going to C&B.) I saw a lot that I liked, but I resisted. I walked away without buying a thing. Not the little soy pot, the bamboo chop sticks, the lime green tortilla warmer, the mini melamine bowl set. And I survived. Only I had been thinking about a particular vase since the day I left it on Boylston Street. So I went to find it in Greenback Blueback Square.

As I made the descent on the escalator from the furniture store to the house wares retail floor and looked at the bright and beautiful displays, I gasped, put my hand on my chest, and as my eyes filled with tears said aloud, “I could weep.” I remind you I was not seeing a palm tree for the first time in my life (for the record, my reaction was similar) or being reunited with my family after a long, drawn out hostage incident (a scenario with which I cannot claim to have any firsthand experience). I was alone, so God is my witness. I can't help it. I [heart] Crate and Barrel. More than might be normal.

I bought the vase.
And I know I don’t need another vase, but I love vases. I collect them I suppose. And they don’t sit around and collect dust; I use them all. Not all at once, but...The Kona vase is particularly nice because the neck is fairly small (from the side it is narrow), and can hold just a couple of stems nicely. Some vases are for large bunches, some for flowers with long stems, some for flowers with short stems. As Deanna said tonight, sincerely, not patronizing me in the least, “Right, like black shoes. You can never have enough. There’s a perfect black shoe for every occasion.” Exactly. She gets me. We share some of the same afflictions.

I [heart] that, too.


Amy said...

It's so pretty! You couldn't, in good conscience, leave it at the store!

Tam said...

I'm so glad you bought that; it's gorgeous!!

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