Saturday, March 6, 2010


I got home from a day of work (and a little play) yesterday after 5, almost 5:30, and it was still light out. Wow, I thought. I remember getting excited fairly recently when I noticed it was 4:30 and it wasn't dark. Whoa, when'd that happen?

I got comfortable and turned on the news, and heard the meteorologist say that not only would this be a good weather weekend, but he also noted that next weekend we spring ahead. That means next Friday it will still be light out at 6:30. Oh my goodness!! Could it be that the winter is almost over? Could it be that soon spring will not limited to my new tablecloth and vase of daffodils? Say it isn't so! I guess I wasn't hallucinating when 4 days this week I went out to my car in the daylight and didn't have to defrost my windshield, when the thermometer in my car said the temperature was above freezing.

Ssshhh, if you listen closely you'll hear not only birds singing, but my mood meter revving as my Vitamin D level increases and winter melts away.

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