Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sunny Food

We’ve had some unseasonably warm weather over the past week or so. We’ve also had and some bitter cold and biting winds, so while the snow pack has melted a little, there is still plenty of snow in these parts—three-foot piles along most roads. The most noticeable difference is not the amount, however; it’s the appearance. I can’t get over how ugly it mostly looks now, all brown from the sanding and plowing and what not. An otherwise beautiful—albeit excessive—snow cover is now just dingy and cold.

I’m craving fun, bright colors (I bought two new tablecloths the other day and some fun napkins), and things that remind me of sunshine and sunny places--like Mexican food, which in my experience is best eaten in San Diego, with a margarita and in Jill’s company, but currently out of the realm of possibility. Once again I am finding that February is Mexican food month en mi casa. Last year I created my tortilla soup recipe during the dread of winter; this year I’m into tostadas. (I'm always into fish tacos.) To go with, I bought a bottle of pre-mixed Margaritas, which remains unopened for now, but only until the urge to hop on a plane becomes unbearable.

I’m still hoping still to get to California in April. If we go without any more snow days, I should be able to work it out. Between now and then, I’ll do what it takes. With spicy food on fun plates and bright table cloths and a few margaritas.


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