Saturday, February 19, 2011

I Love it, I Love it NOT...Dining Offers for Two

You see it in your email in-box, the subject line: Have on an entree on us! Free coupon inside. Cheap eats, you think, maybe I'll go out for dinner tonight after all. Then you open it and find it's a BOGO offer--with an additional stipulation! Buy one entree and get one free, with the purchase of an appetizer. Other varieties include $10 off...your second entree. That offer makes me particularly sad, since it's my reward for dining frequently at my favorite steak place (and taking the time to enter codes on line from my receipts). Why not $5 dollars off one entree? Even some offers, which aren't freebies but gift certificates purchased at a discount, limit a single diner: $25 off with minimum purchase of $35. Minimum two people. Dinner only. Why can't I sit alone and spend $35 on a multiple course dinner for one, and use the offer when the check comes?

I've mostly gotten over the fact that we live in a world meant for couples, in part because I'm part of one, but I still dine alone. Frequently. And when I do, I often see other solo diners. I'm thinking it would be nice for restaurants to value our business as well and show their appreciation by offering rewards and discounts to us for choosing to dine in their establishments alone.

Until then I will continue to [heart] NOT offers for dinners for two.

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Amy said...

I wholeheartedly agree.

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