Monday, February 28, 2011

Bad Timing

Apparently, last night while I was watching the Oscars I should have been paying attention to the weather forecast. At 10 when I went up to bed I should have turned on Fox CT News at 10. Yeah, not gonna happen. (See previous post.) Even if it were something less entertaining than the academy awards. Although I must admit I wasn't that into them last night; I just feel compelled to watch. I digress.

Bad weather was nowhere in my radar last night even though yesterday morning as I sipped my coffee and enjoyed my new spring accents, including a beautiful bouquet on my newly dressed table, I heard the sound of a snow blower outside my window. By midday it was sunny and 40, but the few inches of snow had fallen overnight required attention in the morning. Winter is not relenting.

This morning it seems we are going to have freezing rain overspread the state before the temperatures rise above freezing--creating an icy morning commute. Unfortunately, I found this out AFTER I got out of the shower. Clueless that there might be a delay, I chose not to sleep with my cell phone by my pillow as I had many times earlier this winter, willing it to bring me a message in the morning as I drifted off to sleep. Nor did I feel compelled to turn the TV on for a quick minute before heading in to the shower at 5:20. So it wasn't until after I showered and moisturized and poured my cup of coffee that I turned on the TV and saw the news in pull back mode (push back mode?) with my district listed as having a 2 hour delay. Seriously? Was I seeing things? I went to the window and saw nothing falling from the sky. I picked up my phone and scrolled through my caller ID: the number was there. I listened to voice mail messages, and indeed I wasn't seeing things. We have a 2 hour delay.

And I have a wet head of hair that precludes my going back to bed.

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