Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I am not one of those people who can decorate for Christmas when leftovers from Thanksgiving are still in the fridge (and I still haven't posted about my green bean casserole). I need for there to be some transition between celebrating the fall harvest and setting the scene for a winter wonderland. I at least need for it to be December. You know: the month in which Christmas takes place.

It is raining and in the fifties today, but this weekend it’s going to drop to the thirties, and there are flurries in the forecast for Monday. But at least it’s December. At school I will put away my paper mache pumpkin and take out my lucky snowman. When I come home from school I will take down my fall garland and put away my fall chotchkie, but I won’t decorate for Christmas—yet. I won’t put up my tree yet anyway. I am getting in the spirit but I still need a few more days before the tannebaum takes center stage .

Maybe after those predicted flurries.

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