Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hypothetically Speaking...

Say you work for a small company. Every year around the holidays, though it seems to come together a little late, the manager sends out an invite to go to a local restaurant after a staff meeting. He (well, his secretary) arranges to reserve a private room and he covers the appetizers. For drinks you're on your own. Obviously, it's nothing extravagant, but it works. It's a nice gesture.

Then one year, it's a little over a week before the monthly meeting that the holiday get-together would follow. But you've heard nothing about a get-together, and you know that everyone you work with could use a little spirit-lifting, so you email the boss's secretary and ask if there is going to be a get-together this year because  it's getting close to being last-second and not last-minute. (You've sent an email hint in years past, so emailing again is no big deal. You figure it'll all come together.)

Two days later, an email invitation comes out saying there will be a holiday get-together next week. This year it will be two hours long and it will cost 20 dollars, which will cover the hot and cold appetizers. There will also be cash bar at this restaurant, which happens to have a daily three-hour long happy hour with half price appetizers.

Would you go?

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