Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dirty Girl Knives

I love Paula Deen for her unabashed and unapologetic use of butter. And mayonnaise. I love that she has no qualms saying she’s not a chef: she’s a home cook. I love her chutzpah, and that she started what I suppose we can call her empire as “The Bag Lady,” selling sandwiches she made in her kitchen. But frankly I get a little uncomfortable when she does things like lick the frosting off the finger of a male guest barely the age of her sons. Maybe a lot. Yeah. If you ever watched Paula’s Party on Food Network you know what I’m talking about. (I think Tony Danza, although closer to her age than her sons’, is permanently scarred.) For this type of behavior (though I partially blame her producer Gordon Elliot), I call her Dirty Girl. Regardless, Dirty Girl’s proclivity for serving up an occasion scoop of eewwww didn’t stop me from buying her knives.


I know. I’m a little slow on the uptake on some things. I have more glasses, dishes, and vases than I will ever need, and I kept the same hand-crank can opener for twenty years, but I was still using some pretty lame-o knives. Old and lame. One of them I remember I bought at Ames. Really. How long ago did Ames’ go out of business? Not that I wasn’t aware that fancy knives were out there. I’ve known about high end knives since graduate school, when I learned to hide my shock at Crate and Barrel when I assisted customers who would spend 100 dollars on a single knife.

Back then expensive knives weren’t in my budget, but I wasn’t the cook I consider myself to be today either. A few weeks ago I decided it was time to upgrade. I still wasn’t ready to drop a hundred bucks a knife, but I wanted something better than what I have. So I went on line and read comparison reviews and ultimately decided on some Dirty Girl chef’s knives.

Did I already say Wow?

I love them. And now I love Paula Deen for her knives, too. You go, Dirty Girl!


Amy said...

So glad you finally got a good knife. Enjoy it!

Tam said...

Hilarious! And I have to say, as a non-cook, that I cherish my good knives more than any other equipment in my kitchen!

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