Sunday, December 26, 2010

It's Snowing...Finally!

Well, yes, snowflakes have fallen prior to today's blizzard, but we haven't had any snow cover or appreciable snow fall until today. Finally, a good and proper New England snow fall! And we're pulling out the stops. No run-of-the-mill Nor'easter today; we're having a full blown blizzard. No pun intended.

Even though I'm on vacation—thereby proving it's not always only about having a snow day—I’m happy for this storm, happy to be snowed in with the leeks and potatoes and broth and onions and chuck roast that I picked up on my way home from my parents’ house this afternoon. Christmas shopping and shipping and near-death experiences in parking lots and wrapping and gift-giving and family celebrations are over, and now it’s just me in my clean house with pretty decorations and my new Dutch oven and Netflix and dozens of spa socks and nowhere to go, and no feasible way of getting there if I did.

Isn't that just dreamy?

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