Sunday, June 20, 2010

Well Done

I left school for the summer, for 10 glorious weeks, at 2:30 on Thursday and went promptly to a local bar where I met a few friends for a celebratory cocktail (or two). But I’m not sure it felt like vacation.

On Friday morning I woke up on my first day of vacation to gorgeous weather: a Top Ten Day, as they say. I would have loved to stay by the pool all day, to have one of those days where I commit to reading an entire book, but my skin is still showing evidence of those long winter months and I know I need to ease into lounging for entire days. But it started to feel more like vacation. One of my pool friends stopped by the pool to see me after she heard from our maintenance guy that I was on vacation and by the pool, and I thought, and so it goes, we begin anew. (I really did have that thought, worded exactly like that, by the way.)

Yesterday was another Top Ten Day, and after a trip to the gym, the grocery store, and CVS for more 30 SPF—in old-school lotion form (the new fangled continuous spray stuff didn’t work out so well for me the day before), I was poolside by noon. I was planning on limiting myself to three hours again…but it was Saturday, and so nice, and I wanted it to feel more like vacation, because still, it really could have been just another weekend. In fact another pool friend asked how it feels, and I told her I didn’t think it would settle in, it wouldn’t really hit me until Sunday night, when I wouldn’t have to set my alarm or turn on my coffee maker or think about my outfit.

There are about 12 hours between now and then, and I’m not sure how to spend them. My father is in Poland (with my mother on a 3 week trip) so I have no family plans for Father’s Day (I miss my parents, by the way…), I’m trying not to spend money because I need to make my balloon check last another 10 weeks (and I’ve been on a bit of a spending spree), and I’m not sure how much time in the sun my skin can take today. Despite the old-school lotion, I missed some spots while applying, and I’m a little sunburned in spots after the four hours I stayed yesterday.

Well done, Joanne.

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