Monday, June 14, 2010

Backing In

What is it about backing in that is so appealing to men? Seriously. When you get somewhere, pull in. Back out when you're leaving. Backing out takes half the time of backing in, yet men back in all the time. My dad: guilty. The guy three units down from mine? Guilty. Honestly, though. Have you ever seen a woman backing in to a parking spot? Think about it. It's like this weird XY chest-puffing: Oohhh, look at my driving skills, see how I can maneuver this steering wheel and get my motor vehicle into the space BACKWARDS.

Or maybe it's more about easy exit. Maybe their parking says I'm going to ease into this slowly, take my time getting here, and while so doing prepare myself for a fast escape. Hmm. Is there a metaphor there?

Then again, maybe it says nothing of the like. Maybe it just confirms again that men and women are two entirely different creatures, left somehow to coexist and share parking lots.


Amy said...

Chris always backs in - he claims it's for easy exiting. Just in case. But he's from Waterbury...

Tam said...

OMG. John always backs in. Claims it's because he was a trucker. Whatever.

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