Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer Splurge

At the end of every school year I buy myself something special. A few years ago bought myself some Coach sunglasses. Some Fabulous Coach sunglasses. The year I moved here it was my new furniture. My end-of-the-year gift doesn't have to be anything wildly expensive or extravagant (a Pandora charm did the trick last year). It's meant as a present to myself for a job well done, a way to mark the years. I splurge and allow myself to buy something on my wish list that I didn't feel I could justify buying another time.

This year I decided to order a duvet from Pottery Barn that I've been coveting for years. I absolutely love it. It has all my favorite, vibrant colors and matches sheets I already have (and appreciate). It's been on sale more than once since I fell in love with it, but the discount barely covered the shipping and handling and I felt like I should hold out... until they'd be discounted even more...or until I could pick something from my wish list as my end-of-the-year splurge.

It makes me happy. It was worth the wait.

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