Friday, June 25, 2010

Book List

I am almost finished reading my first book of the summer, Olive Kitteredge, by Elizabeth Strout (whom I loved before Oprah did, when I first read her first book Amy and Isabelle). It is one of those books that sat in a growing stack—put aside for the summer when I have more time to read.

I augmented the stack with a recent purchase, adding the newly published Promises to Keep by Jane Green and a few bargain books to titles by a couple of my favorite authors, Anita Shreve and Chris Bohjalian, which await me in my pile.

Then, yesterday, while I was sitting by the pool, immersed in Olive Kitteridge, a package arrived via UPS from Deanna, who was nice enough to send along some of her books, among them The Help by Kathryn Stockett, which I have been anxious to read and about which I have heard great things. (She also included in the package a box of Starbucks Via Ready Brew to try! She says it’s great for iced coffee. I think I’m as excited for the coffee as I am the books!)

And so I’m ready to read—to be entertained and intrigued and moved and inspired and in the good company of books.

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