Monday, January 4, 2010

Two Hour Delay

I knew last night that this morning would be a struggle. I'd want to snooze my alarm, and I'd probably move around in relatively slow motion after being on vacation for more than a week. I'd become accustomed to sleeping in and leisurely mornings and 5:30 was sure to be a rude awakening. So in addition to getting my lunch ready and planning my outfit last night, I also decided to set my alarm a few minutes early--5:21 instead of 5:28--to build in some time for moving slowly and/or hitting snooze. Just in case.

At 5:21 I hit snooze. And got back on my bed, but not under my covers. By 5:22 I was in the shower. When I got downstairs my coffee was still brewing (I didn't change my timer on my coffee maker). I sat down and turned on the TV and saw names of towns in groups of three appearing on the bottom of the screen. Hmmm...Guess those flurries at the tail end of the storm amounted to more than a dusting for some towns. The Os were going by. Of course none of those towns are close by, and my school district is at the beginning of the alphabet, so I waited.. The Ps and Rs meant nothing to be either. But then came an S next door, and another and another; the Ss started talking to me. So I went over to my laptop and there in my inbox was my 2 hour delay notification. I walked back to my couch and picked up my house phone, and there on my caller ID was the call I missed when I was being my Up and At 'Em! self in the shower.


If I went back to bed my hair would dry all funky. Plus, I was already feeling awake, and my coffee was finally ready. And it smelled really good. Going back to bed didn't make sense.

Guess I get my leisurely morning after all.

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