Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cleared for Take-Down

I don't decorate for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving, and I don't take my tree down the day after Christmas. Growing up we waited to take down the tree until after January 6, The Epiphany,Three Kings Day, which was also the day my mother would write lightly in chalk along the top of the dining room door "K+M+B=[year]". It took me years to bother to ask what it meant, assuming it had something to do with my parents and their first born/my oldest sister, since all three initials corresponded, but that's another post. (Caspar is spelled with a K in Polish.) In any case, the three kings got to the manger yesterday, and now it's okay for me to take down my decorations. [radio static] Catholics, you are cleared for take-down.


In recent years I usually tackle the task on the first weekend or the first snow day following Three Kings. There is snow in the forecast for the overnight, but it looks we are only going to get a dusting, so I'm not hopeful. That doesn't mean I won't be touching my lucky snowman today, however it looks more likely that my plans this weekend include multiple trips to the basement. Which, I suppose I can't complain about. It's clearly a lot easier than following a star and walking through desert, with gifts no less, for 12 days. Un-decorating I can do guess. With or without a snow day.

It's just that I've gotten used to having my angel collection around. And I just put up the sparkly star I bought on clearance last week at Pier 1 and haven't had a chance to go back for more. (I [heart] Pier 1.) And I love to sit by the light of the Christmas tree at night. It's so relaxing. But now it's time to take it all down, and put it all away until next year, which makes me wonder...

What will vodka with cranberry juice taste like if not from my Joyeux Noel glasses?

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