Saturday, January 30, 2010

Great Minds Text Alike

I erased my text messaging inbox last night after we ended our exchange, but I think I remember most of the texts between Tamara and me, hers arriving just after I settled in after a long week.

T: OMG I’m at WalMart and I just heard someone call it WalmartS. I had to share my pain.

me: LOL Happy New YearS!

I should have gone to SafewayS.

Is there a CostcoS close by?

It’s over by TargetS

LOL That’s way out of the wayS then. AnywayS…

You win! What was I thinking dealing with the Master?

You owe me an eXpresso!

You always have to get the last word in edgewise!

eXpecially when I’m on a roll…

Well, I’ll then I guess I'll wish you an early Happy ValentiMe’s day!

Now u win! Love you!

Love you too! G-night.


Norma said...

How about "can I ax you something?" :)

Tam said...

Good one, Norma! Thanks for the laughs, J. And for sharing my neuroses. :)

JK said...

I should have said The Both of us win!

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