Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Matinees

At 2 o'clock this afternoon I regretted watching Julie and Julia last night. Oh, I loved the movie (new on my list of favorites!); I just wished I had saved it for today, for a Sunday matinee. I am a creature of habit and today I was at a loss for what to do.

For the past few months my Sundays have started with coffee at home before a workout at the gym, after which I enjoyed my favorite breakfast and mimosas, and then watched a football game or two. My favorite time slot for the Patriots was 1 o’clock. Brunch segued right into game time and left me with the evening to cook or get ready for school or just sit around and watch more football. But football season is over for all intents and purposes (although I’ll root for the Saints on Superbowl Sunday) and today, as much as I was craving a weekend with nothing to do, it was strange for nothing not to include football…which is when I thought it would have been nice to watch a movie. (Thank goodness for Lifetime!)

I know, I could take a walk on the wild side and change things up, maybe start the day with toast and coffee and run errands in the morning (instead of on Saturday), then skip the bacon, eggs and mimosas for breakfast and work out in the afternoon, but I’m a creature of habit. I’m not quite as bad as my parents (yet)—I can eat dinner at a time other than 5 pm and can miss the 6 o’clock news—but I definitely crave routine and order too. I’ll roll with the punches if something comes up (like a 50th anniversary party), but I like my weekends they way they are. They vary depending on if I’m here or in Boston or have company, but when I’m here by myself I like the way they are. I have arrived at the current routine after trying other permutations and this one works. Homebody Sundays work just fine for me.

Now I just need to plan accordingly and have a movie on hand. So my big dilemma is whether or not I should up my Netflix membership to two movies at a time or save my one allotted movie for Sunday afternoon.

I can handle that.

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Tam said...

Hello? On Demand?
For all intensive purposes, it's better than Netflix.

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