Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fa La La La Blah Blah Blah

So I told you I’m good with fall, excited about Brandy Alexanders, and I get that we are on the moving sidewalk to Christmas, but Christmas carols? Before Veteran’s Day? Seriously?

I understand retailers are a bit nervous, hoping that maybe if people start earlier they’ll spend more, or the same as past years if they spread out the spending a bit, but when I’m in my workout gear, with no coat on, because it’s 60-some odd degrees out, the first week of November, I have a little trouble with Winter Wonderland being piped through the store while I look at picture frames. Maybe I wouldn’t mind it so much if I were doing some Christmas shopping, but I’m just rebounding from those tires that threw my checkbook into a frenzy, so I wasn’t. I was looking for a 4x6 picture frame at a craft store. On November 8.

I had made my way past the fall harvest clearance items (again: seriously?), through the jungle of Christmas foliage and holly berry branches, and had gingerly passed by the display of ornaments, when I stood looking at the frames and the sounds sunk in. I was hearing cheerful Christmas music. I haven’t even gotten the call from my cousin Dawn yet to invite me for Thanksgiving (which really is not necessary since it’s a longstanding tradition. I frankly can’t imagine the circumstances under which we would not have Thanksgiving at Henry and Dawn’s) and there I was, assaulted by Christmas carols.

I felt disoriented. And, then when I realized I was in fact in the moment, and not crazy, I felt cranky. I’m not ready! Don’t force this on me yet! Let me throw my pumpkin away first. Bah Humbug. Stop the moving sidewalk!

At least, give me a snow day to get in the mood….

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Amy said...

Frankly, the way the shops are forcing Christmas down my throat makes me avoid them all the more!

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