Tuesday, November 17, 2009

But Wait, There's More...

So I shared my FHP story with Mandy yesterday, and when she finished laughing she said, “That’s definitely worse than the stockings story.” It took me a minute to recall at all, and then I even questioned “was that you or me?.” Eventually all the details came back. I recalled the entire incident, the day I went to school and half way through the day noticed the foot of a stray pair of tights peeking out of the bottom of my pant leg.

Apparently, when I got dressed that morning, I hadn’t noticed that there was a pair of tights hiding in my pants when I put them on. Nor did I notice an extra bunch of fabric ruining the smooth line of my pants. Until it made it’s way down and started coming out the bottom, that is.

I’ll never know if students noticed and said nothing or if everyone else was as oblivious as I was that morning when I got dressed. I do know I was lucky enough to catch it before I tripped over and fell.

Although that, too, would have made for some good laughs.


Tam said...

My favorits story isn't mine - remember my old roomie Kirsten? She was dating this guy she was crazy about and thought might be the one. He took her out to Anthony's, then to see the Nutcracker at Christmas, so we spent the entire day beforehand building her outfit (all new, of course.) She looked like a million bucks, but when they got home and sat down on the couch to tell me all about the evening, I looked over and noticed that she was wearing one black pump and one black slingback. Killed me!

JK said...

I remember that story and love to tell it for a laugh!

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