Monday, November 9, 2009

Egg Nog

I flipped through the grocery store flyer the other day and there it was. On sale. Egg nog. Friggin' egg nog. Which means I can't say it's only November. That's the point. It is November! And Thanskgiving is only three weeks away! Not even my blog post on November, which I wrote just last week, prepared me for Egg Nog. Folks, we are on that moving walkway of time headed right for Christmas. And there's no getting off. Just like in the airport, when right after you commit to the moving walkway you see a cute shop but you can't get off until you pass another 15 gates.

The good news? That means it's officially Brandy Alexandar season, too, that holiday cocktail Mr. Sterner used to make for me and Jill on Christmas day, that she and I took liberty to extend the season of and enjoy before and after. I’m not sure Jill and I have ever met a cocktail we haven’t liked, but even we follow some guidelines. In this case, pretty much, if you can a burn pumpkin spice candle in the house, and the store carries Egg Nog, you can have a Brandy Alexander.

Ooh. Wait a minute. That means it's pumpkin spice martini season too...

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Tam said...

Got my first cup of coffee in the Starbucks Christmas cup today. Hello!?!?

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