Friday, September 18, 2009


I hesitate to say that tomorrow I am planning on enjoying a brisk day with my windows open and a cinnamon and sandalwood candle burning, reading, cleaning, and nesting—which might also include cooking. I may even be ready to make chili. I can stop for ground beef on my way home from the gym and be content to spend the rest of the day inside.

I hesitate because yesterday I planned, after my visit to the gym and a quick dinner at home, to run errands and go shopping. I had to go to Wal-Mart, and to Target to pick up some pictures from Seattle that I finally had developed (printed?), and I thought I might head further away to Lord and Taylor. (I have a coupon!) But apparently the universe had other plans.

I got in my car and it wouldn’t start. Nothing. No click, no laboring. I tried using my power windows; they budged an inch and stopped, and wouldn’t go back up. I figured it was my battery. But I wasn’t sure. The only person who could be sure is my father, of course. So I did what any respectable and responsible single forty-four year old woman would do in a situation like that. I called my dad. Who needs AAA when my dad lives 10 minutes away? He confirmed it sounds like my battery, and offered to help me out today. He and my mom were headed out somewhere, so I told him I could get a ride to school today and we could deal with it Saturday if he wanted, but he was willing to help today after school.

I am grateful for his willingness to help and his ability to do car things. I have my fingers crossed that after buying a car battery, because I really have no idea how much that will cost, I’ll have money left for those errands. But as for this afternoon, there will be no margaritas with work friends. (Wow, no shopping, no margaritas…)

As for tomorrow, well I guess that’s for the universe to decide also. But I’m feeling pretty hopeful that it won’t have issues with an early autumn day of nesting.

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