Thursday, September 17, 2009

[Heart] Note…to Innocence (and Charlie)

I went to my sister Liz’s yesterday to help out. My brother-in-law (aka Ice Man) was away on business and Meredith’s school had their Open House, which Liz wanted to attend. (Of course.) I drove down after school so she could go and I so could spend some time with the kids, which I haven’t done in weeks. I had not seen them since a family get together at my parents’ a few weeks ago--since Meredith started school again and Charlie started preschool and soccer.

After big hugs and smiles they started talking a mile a minute, sometimes talking over each other, sometimes taking turns telling me stories, with excitement and the pure, unadulterated joy of children.

“Asia,” Charlie said. “I learned my F words today!”

OMG. My heart stopped and I bit my lip, because I was on the verge of laughing, thinking, what the hell did my crazy sister say that he overheard?...

“Firetruck. Fan. Fwends. Fuzzy[…]”

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