Wednesday, September 9, 2009

[Heart] the honesty of children

A while back when I was having my weekly 6 ounce sirloin special at Outback, I overheard a conversation in the bathroom between a woman at the sinks and a young girl in one of the stalls.

First they talked about rides, amusement park vs. carnival rides, which went on for a moment or two. Then, after a lull in conversation, I heard the girl say to the woman waiting, not her mother I assumed since she called her something other than Mom, “It’s okay if you want to go back to the table. It’s going to be a while. [pause] I’m pooping.”

“Okay. Just remember to wash your hands. See you soon.”

1 comment:

Tam said...

Exactly why moms say "make sure you go before we leave the house". Hilarious!

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