Thursday, September 10, 2009

[Heart] Arugula

I know. It’s redundant at this point. You know I love arugula. It’s the name of my blog. But I had arugula around last weekend and had it three different ways over the last few days and fell in love with it all over again…Sunday I had it dressed in lemon juice and olive oil as a bed for my mahi mahi for dinner, Monday I had it in a pasta dish with spicy sausage and last night, so as not to waste a single bit of it, I made a BLT with the last leaves. Make that a BAT. Bacon. Arugula. Tomato.

A piece of baguette cut to double as a hoagie roll and lighted toasted in the oven, mayonnaise, bacon, native tomato slices and arugula.

Sandwich perfection.

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