Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I Get It... Again

As some of you may know, summer was difficult—especially my last week of vacation. My aunt passed away after a sudden illness. (Rest in peace, Ciocia.) Her wake was Friday; her funeral was Saturday. On Sunday I felt like I got hit by a Mack truck. I could have used another week to recuperate, but alas another week was not to be had.

I started school on Monday. I spent the day in professional development sessions while trying to adjust to the idea of being back at school. I went home and hibernated/hid/avoided everything but Zynga. (See previous post about Zynga being the devil.)

On Tuesday I sweat like I was having hot flashes in hell. And by hell I mean fire and brimstone hell. (This time anyway.) I put up my bulletin boards and got textbooks out of bookshelves and got ready for the first day of kids. Early in the day it rained something fierce; when I left at 3 it was sunny and bright.

Tempted as I was to hide in my air-conditioned house when I got home, I decided instead to get in my bathing suit, grab my book and my beach chair (and maybe a cocktail) and go swimming and sunning instead.

I’m so glad I did. I went right underwater and my body temperature went back to normal. I read some of my book and laughed. Out loud. I enjoyed the surprising strength of the sun in the late afternoon hours, and went in for the day, for dinner, in a good mood.

I set out to make myself a salad, only to find my romaine lettuce had rotted.  But I stayed in a good mood. I doctored (barely) a frozen pizza from Trader Joe’s (for whom my love continues to grow).
I went to bed in a good mood. I woke up in a good mood too.

I get it. I keep having to re-learn it, but I get it. It’s simple enough. I don’t know what clicked to get me there, but it did.

There are things that are not in our control, try as we may. People in our lives will get sick. Some may die before it seems fair.  And there are times in our lives we are given moments we can control, time to spend as we choose. Our task is to choose wisely.

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