Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Different Summer

It used to be when the school year ended that I'd settle into a nice summer routine. I'd get up fairly early and check email, maybe pay a bill or two, over my first cup of coffee and move on to writing over my second.  After blogging here and elsewhere, on a sunny day I'd make my way down to the pool. On a rainy day I might stay in and read, maybe tackle a project, or decide to go out for a grown-up lunch.

Not this summer.

I have been sleeping late most mornings,  my snow day project list remains untouched, and I haven't written much here or elsewhere. It's August 9; my last post was July 24! And it was a photo post! (It's been so long I didn't know that Blogger has finally made it easier to post from my iPad.) I probably spend more time playing Words, Hanging and Scramble With Friends than reading and writing combined. (Zynga is the devil.) 

I don't feel particularly refreshed or creative. Instead I'm feeling emotionally exhausted and nowhere near ready to talk about the s word yet, never mind think about going back there.

And that I suppose is is the only thing that remains the same from summer to summer, no matter how I spend my vacation: not being ready to go back.

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Amy said...

I feel it too. And Zynga is definitely the devil.

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