Friday, March 30, 2012

Summer Brew

Last week, the third week of March, we had phenomenal weather. We had an average high temperature of 75 degrees, which left me happy to have gotten a pedicure the week before, and had colleagues envious when I wore open-toed shoes and cropped pants while their dogs were still hidden in shoes. (Meanwhile, in California, Jill was having a winter storm of cold, windy rain; and Tam was getting snow in Washington State. Bizarre.)

Anyway, we’re back to more seasonable temperatures in the 50s this week so I’m glad I took advantage of the fluke week and lived like it was May, windows and toes open, smiling back at the sun, brewing up some sweet tea vodka to toast to wonderful weather.


Tam said...

Which reminds me...I must try the vodka this summer :)

Amy said...

The perfect preview of things soon to come!

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